Pattern Testing: The Hailey Shirt

Testing period: 1st April – 10th April

Shown above: The 3/4 sleeve (rolled up) in flannel and the sleeveless option using a sheer chiffon upper yoke and viscose twill lower bodice

Shown above: The four sleeve options you can choose from when testing

Materials Needed

Light-medium (non-stretch) weight interfacing

Fabric Suggestions

:: Light/medium weight woven (non-stretch) ::
Viscose, rayon, linen, gingham, light-medium weight flannel, or any other light/medium weight woven fabric.

Something that allows the front pleat to be crisply ironed will work best.

Fabric Requirements

All sizes using a fabric width of 55″/140cm and a length of:

Please be aware, EXACT fabric requirements have not been confirmed yet and these are only indications at this point. Exact fabric requirements per size will be available shortly.

(As in, don’t go buying fabric quite yet but a bit of window/stash shopping would be fine! 🙂 )

Hana – Mia2.5m

Choosing a Size

Use your High Bust to choose a bust size, then reference the Full Bust to see if you should increase the bust darts.

This will give you the best fit across your shoulders and accommodate for any excess needed for your full bust.

High bust: Measure around your body, directly under your underarms.
Full bust: Measure around your body, at the largest part of your bust.

Any sizing questions just let me know, I’d love to help.

Body Measurements

(If you are on a mobile you might need to scroll right to see the full table)

SizeHigh BustFull BustWaistHips
Ava31” (78.7cm)33.5” (85.1cm)24.5” (62.2cm)31.5” (80cm)
Bea33” (83.8cm)35.5” (90.2cm)26.5” (67.3cm)33.5” (85.1cm)
Cara35” (88.9cm)37.5” (95.3cm)28.5” (72.4cm)35.5” (90.2cm)
Dee37” (94cm)39.5” (100.3cm)30.5” (77.5cm)37.5” (95.3cm)
Eve39” (99.1cm)41.5” (105.4cm)32.5” (82.6cm)39.5” (100.3cm)
Faye41” (104.1cm)43.5” (110.5cm)34.5” (87.6cm)41.5” (105.4cm)
Gia43” (109.2cm)45.5” (115.6cm)36.5” (92.7cm)43.5” (110.5cm)
Hana45” (114.3cm)47.5” (120.7cm)38.5” (97.8cm)45.5” (115.6cm)
Ivy47” (119.4cm)49.5” (125.7cm)40.5” (102.9cm)47.5” (120.7cm)
Jane49” (124.5cm)51.5” (130.8cm)42.5” (108cm)49.5” (125.7cm)
Kay51” (129.5cm)53.5” (135.9cm)44.5” (113cm)51.5” (130.8cm)
Lia53” (134.6cm)55.5” (141cm)46.5” (118.1cm)53.5” (135.9cm)
Mia55” (139.7cm)57.5” (146.1cm)48.5” (123.2cm)55.5” (141cm)

What’s involved in testing?

1) Completing by the deadline.

Please have sewn up at least one full example of the garment.

  • You can choose any of the sleeve options
  • It must be in a non-stretch woven fabric

2) Provide feedback.

  • Feelings on the fit of the finished object
  • If the pattern instructions are easy to follow
  • Any typos, grammar, spelling, layout or formatting issues

3) Appreciated but not required:

  • Any good quality FO (finished object) pictures that can be used to promote the pattern. This might be on the Experimental Space website, on social media, or possibly within the pattern itself.

Pattern Testing Guidelines

The testing phase is to ensure the pattern as written is a good starting point for as many people as possible. There are allowable alterations (regular adjustments you make to a pattern for fitting purposes) and ones that I ask aren’t used (things that alter the design style).

Allowable Alterations

Adjustments you regularly do for patterns to fit your own size and shape. Any of the following will always be acceptable but please let me know if you’ll be making any of these adjustments so I’m aware.

  • Use shorten/lengthen lines
  • Grading between sizes
  • Broad/narrow shoulder adjustment
  • Increase/decrease/raise/lower bust darts

If there is an alteration not listed above that you feel you’ll need to do, please just get in touch beforehand.

Not Allowed (for accurate testing purposes)

The following changes would mean the pattern isn’t being accurately tested. For the purposes of testing, I’ll need to have it sewn up as designed so please don’t alter the following (or similar). These are generally preference based changes rather than to improve fit.

  • Neckline shape or style
  • Add/remove details
  • Change construction method
  • Not using the suggested type and weight of fabric

Apply to pattern test the new design

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. If you are interested in testing please fill in the form below! I’ll be in touch shortly to confirm the final testing group.
Andrea (@experimentalspacepatterns)