Pattern Testing

Thank you for your interest in pattern testing!
Please read everything below, make sure you’re happy with what would be needed for a pattern test, then fill in the form below so I can contact you when the next test is ready.

Choosing to participate in a test:

At the beginning of each testing phase, a portion of the tester group will be contacted and shown the new design. You’ll also be told timelines and fabric requirements so you can decide if you would like to sign up for that particular test.

What’s involved in testing?

1) Completing by the deadline.

Please have sewn up at least one full example of the garment.

2) Provide feedback.

  • If the pattern instructions are easy to follow
  • Any typos, grammar, spelling, layout or formatting issues
  • Feelings on the fit of the finished object

3) Appreciated but not required:

  • Any good quality FO (finished object) pictures that can be used to promote the pattern. This might be on the Experimental Space website, on social media, or possibly within the pattern itself.

Interest in Pattern Testing