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“I’m not hungry when I listen to techno”
– Flash on the Beach 2007

I love flash conferences, the ones I’ve been to have always had such an excellent selection of speakers and the general atmosphere is so lively and friendly (ok, so maybe not so lively first thing after a disco-styley party, but still).

The speakers I had the pleasure of seeing were:
Erik Natzke
Joshua Davis
Robert Hodgin
Brendan Dawes
Craig Swann
Carlos Ulloa
Hoss Gifford
Aral Balkan
Branden Hall
Grant Skinner
Keith Peters
Jared Tarbell
Ted Patrick
André Michelle

…and a little bit of Mario Klingemann at the 20 minute / 3 speaker session that they arranged last minute.

If you want to see what each speaker had to say, visit Dan’s blog cause I just snuck a peek over his shoulder to see him writing nice little details about each session we saw, so I’ll won’t go much into that and actually get some sleep while he does all the extra bits! Woohoo!!

But from creating insanely beautiful globes of light moving to audio created straight from numbers and code you couldn’t have been disappointed or uninspired.

My favourite quote from all of the FOTB’s sessions would have to be André’s answer to overrunning into lunch time and when being asked to wrap it up replied with “I’m not hungy when I listen to techno”. Queue well deserved applause. 😀

Already looking forward to the next flash conference, and hopefully inbetween now and then I’ve actually sat myself down and put some of what I’ve learned into practice.

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OFFF Barcelona 2006

I just got back from the 3 day conference in Barcelona. They held it in the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) which seemed to do quite well for most of the presentations. It was really good to see all the talent, and very inspiring for me to try a little experimenting myself. I’ve taken some video of the conference, as well as a little bit of ‘tourist’ view, I’ll post that once I’ve got a chance to do a little video editing.

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Upcoming: Flash Forward

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but from what I’ve heard I highly recommend you try to get yourself to Flash Forward 2005 in New York. It has presenters such as Aral Balkan, Jared Tarbell, Guy Watson, Peter Hall and really too many for me to name them all.

Check for better details.

It’s $699 which works out to a little less then £400 so get yourself there if you can.