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Open Source: FCKeditor

I’ve started working on an admin section for a website and decided to use FCKeditor as the online editing tool. They have recently published a new version which fixes many previous bugs and provides many more features that before, even giving the option of spell check which is good news to people like me.

Although the FCKeditor has great documentation and some forums to help with issues, there are still things I have run into that were a pain to find the solution. I’ll add any problems/solutions to this post as I find (and solve) them so I can hopefully clear someone else’s frustration.

(See comments for problems / solutions )

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  1. FCKeditor Error in File Manager
    XML request error: Internal Server Error (500)

    Solved by changing the file in FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/defaut/connectors/connector.asp the ‘sUserFilesPath’ to a folder on the server with write permissions.
    i.e. : sUserFilesPath = “/img/”

    ** If you didn’t use asp as the connector string, go to the similar connector config file to change the sUserFilesPath variable.

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