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Growing from seeds : Part two…

Seeds in warm water overnight to encourage germination If you’ve read part one of “Growing from seeds” I’m sure you’ve been left cliff-hanging wondering what has happened to the seeds since their overnight warm water bath! Ok, so maybe not quite cliff-hanging but here’s the end to the seed planting opening scene nonetheless.

The sweetpeas and the lupins experienced a nice warm water bath over night to encourage germination, so in the morning I positioned myself in the usual ‘rainy-day, dry porch’ spot and started putting the seeds into the propagator. Sweet pea seeds in the propagator before covering with a layer of compost I’ve been using general purpose compost, which indications on the bag it is ideal for baskets, cuttings and seeds. I’ve recorded which colour sweetpea seeds were put which cells as I’m curious to see if it impacts which colour they ultimately grow as. I had yellow, brown and black seeds. Hopefully we’ll see soon!

Both of the propagators are now taking up the spare room’s windowsill and they all have different germination expectancy dates, with the soonest being 10 days (sweet peas) so hopefully in 10 days times I’ll be seeing some green work its way out from the compost.

I found a good reference guide here as well: (For sweetpeas)

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