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First yarn dyeing attempt using Kool Aid!

So I’ve done it, I’ve just bought some undyed yarn and some kool aid online and both packages should be at my door before the end of next week! I saw so many peoples drool-worthy yarn made with kool aid that I couldn’t hold out any longer. It looks pretty straightforward and there are good tutorials out there for it, not to mention Ravelry and the dye-based groups on there.

So I should have started out simple, but no, I saw a yarn with such beautiful colours (pink, purple, light brown, a bit of grey and a bit of bluey-green) and so loaded up with 7 packages of kool aid and some lovely looking merino sock yarn.

Picture courtesy of Violet Green

Socrates Merino Sock Yarn from Violet Green

I bought the Socrates Merino Sock Yarn from Violet Green and the Kool Aid from KoolaidWorld. I ordered 2 of grape, ice blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and 1 of orange. I am a bit worried as (and it figures even after all the research I did) I just found another article that says to get a vibrant purple (which I want) it is better to use a red + blue instead of just grape… well it’s too late now, I’ve made my order so we’ll see what happens with the grape!

Now I just sit and wait for my deliveries!

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