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Black Lives Matter

I’ve been listening, reading, and learning but there is nothing permanent to show you I’ve been doing that, and I want it to be absolutely clear where I stand. I’m not complacent with how things are. I am guilty of not starting to be anti-racist until the last couple of weeks. Previously, I would have said “I am not racist”, but had the privilege of continuing my life without making sure others could live theirs. I am sorry and I will not fall back to that ignorant type of living.

From a business stance, Experimental Space is just myself, so as I improve so will it, but I am also putting together ways I can act and improve as a company and will share that very soon. While I do that, I didn’t want to continue in silence about where I stand.

From a personal stance, I will continue to listen, read, and educate myself. I have been searching out and following accounts and resources that provide insight, education and awareness of BLM so that I can do better. I will continue to do the work.