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Sloth Casey Sweater

Pattern: Casey Sweater by Experimental Space
Fabric: Sloths in Lilac French terry from Lilly and Mimi Fabric Shop
Little Bits: 200m Gutermann sew all thread, 3x 19mm Prym cover buttons

Size: Cara (35)
Mods: None

I forgot to share my Sloth Casey with you! These adorable little guys made for a very sweet and snuggly Casey and I’m totally in love with the buttons. The sloth material is a medium French Terry and the contrasting fabric is a t-shirting material. I made the buttons using cover buttons and decided to use their cute little faces for the buttons and I love how it turned out!

It makes me so happy to wear this one. Now I can sit around being slothy on the weekends in my slothy sweater.

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