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Upgrades at Experimental Space

Experimental Space has five patterns out now so for environmental, quality, and flexibility reasons I’ve taken the leap and invested in a large format printer for the studio. This is very exciting for me and I’ll tell you why it’s exciting (or at least potentially interesting) for you!

I’ve been considering this printer since the very beginning but it isn’t a cheap purchase. Plus it honestly didn’t make sense when first starting out. And when I say large I really do mean it! It prints A0 sized patterns (like you get with a paper pattern) and is about 1.3m wide and 1m deep. I feel like I should name her, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Pattern Improvements

I was already very happy with the quality of the prints. If you’ve ever bought a paper pattern I hope you thought so too! But being able to work closer with the direct output lets me experiment, add in little bits and tweak the quality to make them even better!

I’ve been revamping all of the patterns. Studio prints will have size lines with even better quality than before. There are also pops of colour in the logo I’ve added to the pattern pieces. It looks so good! These changes have made it an even nicer print to open out and use. I can’t wait to start sending these out to you so you can see for yourself!

No More Waste

An unfortunate and far too often occurance while dealing with printer companies. My entire batch would sometimes show up mis-printed and unsellable. Although they would re-print my order, it left me with a huge waste of paper. I still have 2 boxes of mis-printed patterns sitting in the studio. I can’t bring myself to throw them out but they aren’t good enough for sale. Now I will notice right away and only have one page with an issue instead of an entire shipment.

Less Environmental Impact

I like that it eliminates the carbon footprint of ordering my A0’s from a printer. The rolls of blank paper will come straight to me rather than go through an additional step. It also allows printing on demand rather than have excess stock stored, which I’m really pleased about. Patterns will use the paper as and when they actually require it.

Already Available

The Rosalee Maxi Dress is the first of the patterns to be printed from the studio with the new improved print settings. I will still be sending out the original versions of the other patterns until the stock is gone but if you really want a studio print version now just leave notes in the checkout and I’ll print one especially for you.

Experimental Space Patterns