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The Josie Sew-Along for SewHayleyJane subscribers

Did you receive the SewHayleyJane Luxury subscription box in January? If so you’ll have received a copy of the Josie pattern!

Click here to visit the Sew-Along page and sign up if you’ll be joining us!

Not a SewHayleyJane subscriber but still want to participate? That’s absolutely fine! Although you really should check out her monthly subscription boxes in the future because they’re always amazing!

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New Instagram Name

The @sewspace Instagram account name is now @experimentalspacepatterns

You’ll see Experimental Space posts with a new Instagram name going forwards! It’s long, I know. But after a lot of thought I decided it since it represented the company much better and makes way more sense when someone posts “I made the Evelyn by @experimentalspacepatterns” (rather than linking to @sewspace), that it was worth the extra characters.

Brand awareness is very important, I’d say especially so when you’re an indie company trying to be recognised.

What to do? So if you were already following @sewspace you don’t have to do anything, it will have updated the name and you’ll still see all the content as normal.

If you aren’t following the account on Instagram, you can click here to follow now: @experimentalspacepatterns

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Keeping track of old sewing needles

Here’s a tip on how to keep track of old sewing needles: Colour the flat edge of used needles with a marker!

Once a needle is used for a project, mark it. Using a permanent marker, draw a small line across the back of the needle. If it was a small project (i.e t-shirt) then just do a little dash. It probably has another use or two it in. If it was a larger project, like jeans, colour in the entire back of the needle. It’s probably time for a new one.

The type of needle I have available (ballpoint, jeans, etc) is then easy to spot. It also shows how used a needle is. They can also be safetly disposed of once they are used up.

Make sure the coloured side is facing outwards in the case. You can then see at a glance how many needles are used vs new.

I hope you found this helpful! I’d love to know if you have a different way of storing your needles. Or keeping track of used vs new ones.