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Rosalee Top in a woven fabric

This was my sewing weekender 2020 project, and I’ve finally taken pictures of it! The top can be made by using the Rosalee Dress pattern and adapt it using the Free Rosalee Top Hack pattern pieces and instructions. The instructions give directions for both jersey and woven. Unlike the jersey option, the woven option still needs a zip and all of the waistband pieces.

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Black Lives Matter

I’ve been listening, reading, and learning but there is nothing permanent to show you I’ve been doing that, and I want it to be absolutely clear where I stand. I’m not complacent with how things are. I am guilty of not starting to be anti-racist until the last couple of weeks. Previously, I would have said “I am not racist”, but had the privilege of continuing my life without making sure others could live theirs. I am sorry and I will not fall back to that ignorant type of living.

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The Lily Top Gallery

Lily Top

Looking for a bit of Lily inspiration? Check out this gallery of Lily Tops showcasing the full range of sizes from the testing team. There was a wide range of fabrics used, so you can see it in all sorts of colours, patterns, and with and without contrast ruffles. Plenty of variations to get your own ideas flowing!

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