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We’ve got chickens! Yep, proper egg laying, worm eating chickens! We picked them up from a local farm just over a week ago and they’ve already graced us with 6 eggs between two of them!

Cokey (white) Sussex Star
Pickles (brown) Columbian Blacktail
Bosco (black) Bovans Nera

When I let them out of the coop this morning I found 2 soft shelled eggs underneath the roost so think the third one is going to start laying proper hard shelled eggs any day now! Feel a bit bad for whoever it was that pushed two out last night though!

Here they are on day one in their new coop:
Chicken coop & run

Cokey has been laying since a few days after we got her! Then one of the other ones laid a speckled egg just the other day but we aren’t sure if it’s Pickles (the brown one) or Bosco (the black one).


The eggs we’ve had so far have been really tasty and we’re looking forward to the abundance of eggs once all three are regularly laying!

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