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Being healthy!

I eat so much junk at work. Most mornings I will get in and have a coffee, followed by another, then it’s lunch time and I’ll have forgotten to have breakfast and pop to the co-op for a packaged chicken bacon salad and some crisps. I’ll then have 2 or 3 more cups of coffee in the afternoon, possibly intertwined with chocolate snacks and then have a nice big dinner in the evening, likely followed by something sweet.

I don’t mind healthy snacks, I would buy them now and again but I just don’t get through a bag of peanuts or sunflower seeds before I get bored of the same thing and it stays in my drawer until I find it one day spilled all over the place and scoop it all into the bin. So without making this sound like some kind of advertisement I’ll just get to the point, I saw a friend signed up to Graze. It’s a healthy eating option that DELIVERS to you 6 days of the week (just not on Sunday) and gives tons of options to pick from so you get a nice change every day. Today will be my third day having it and I’m excited! I’ve changed my eating habits to having a bowl of porridge or cereal in the morning, followed by my morning coffee. For the rest of the day I now swap between various herbal teas instead of any more coffee and snack on the Graze box throughout the afternoon.

Here’s my box for today:
My Graze box for 12/08/2010

And if it isn’t the 12th Aug 2010 anymore you can see my daily box here.

Also, they give you a ‘feed your friends’ discount code which gives your friends their first box free (with no commitment for further boxes) and the next one half price.
And if you use my code ( XDF3D1V3 ) then they give me a £1 off my next box which is a nice little treat for me 🙂

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