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Update on the sweater challenge

Hmm, ok so my even monthly updates don’t seem to have happened… where has the year gone? I have completed 2 of the sweaters over these past months but wasn’t able to keep up the pace I was hoping to. One sweater is actually near enough completed but I lost a bit of love for it over time and haven’t convinced myself to do the final touches and sew it together. Another sweater I started knitting for Mr.Lacuna was put on hold when summer fully kicked in as summer projects took over.
Here are the two I did finish:

In April:
April's sweater - Audrey In Unst
In May:
Vine Yoke Cardi

And the two that I have not finished yet:
Mr.Lacuna's sweater

I’ve also recently re-discovered the world of sewing and have stolen what would have been knitting time to make up a couple skirts, a maxi dress, and am now mid-way through my first quilt. We have just moved so everything is packed in boxes at the moment but will be catching up on everything over the weekend and fingers crossed will have some photos of the quilt to show.

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  1. Both garments look lovely! Well done you!

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