Casey Sweater
A0 Copyshop Print


Size range: 31″ – 43″

Includes: An A0 print / copy of the pattern pieces.

If you’ve purchased (or have in your basket) the full PDF or paper pattern you can now order an A0 copy print.

Order an A0 copy for your PDF pattern, or even a reprint for your paper version if it’s been lost, cut and you need different sizes, or encountered a tea accident!

You need to have purchased the original pattern (in PDF or paper) before you can order an A0. If you have bought the pattern, see below for help.



An A0 copy is the large paper print that contains all of the pattern pieces for you to cut out.

You’ll need to have already purchased the full PDF or paper pattern through the website, or have one of them in your basket before adding the A0 print.

Bought the pattern from but can’t buy the A0?
Sign in with the same email address you used to order the pattern.

This means your order with the original pattern purchase wasn’t linked to your account. This often happens if you bought the pattern while not signed in. If you email me ( or contact form) I can link your order to your account. Make sure you have registered an account on the website with the same email address used to buy the pattern or I won’t be able to match your order for you.

You can get a reprint too! Create an account and then email me ( ) a photo of your purchased patterns and I’ll add them to your account. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s been done and then you’ll be able to sign in and order A0s for those patterns whenever you like.