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Prewash Your Fabric: Why It Matters In Your Sewing Journey

Hello, lovely sewists! Today, I’m going to talk about an essential step that is important for all sewing enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced: to prewash your fabric!

Before you dismiss it as just another step between you and cutting out your next project, have a quick read about the reasons I’ve listed why prewashing isn’t a step you’ll want to be skipping in the future!

I’ve also included some care tips for jersey, viscose, and linen below. Although always do check the fabric’s product description or label when available!

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What sewing pattern size am I?

Choosing the right sewing pattern size is critical to getting a good fit for your sewing project but it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated! All you need to pick the right size are some key personal measurements and the Body Measurement table provided in the pattern. This guide will walk you through choosing the right size for you.

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What is sewing pattern paper?

Sewing Pattern Paper

When you are talking about sewing pattern paper it could be one of two things. The first you’ll most likely be familiar with, it’s the paper a purchased pattern is printed on. The pattern pieces (I.e. bodice, sleeves..etc) and their size lines will be printed on either a tissue or white paper. For Experimental Space patterns, your pattern will be printed on thick white paper. It is much less likely to tear, more durable to do alterations like FBAs, and generally lasts longer.

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