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Size range update and plans!

I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening with the size range, which patterns are in the new sizes and share my plans for updating the rest of the existing patterns to the new size range.

Evelyn, Rosalee, Lily and Hailey are now in the new size range of 31″ – 55″ (approx UK 6-30).

Josie is in currently in testing phase for the new size range, with Casey due to be updated by early in the new year.

Of course, any new patterns will be released in the full new size range. More on new patterns in a future update!

You can see the patterns grouped by their size range below.

Happy sewing,
Experimental Space Patterns

Patterns ready in the new size range of 31″ – 55″ High Bust
(approx UK 6-30)

Patterns in the original size range of 31″ – 43″ High Bust
(approx UK 6-18)